Blowfish Sandals


I’ve seen the Blowfish brand shoes all over. However, I’ve never owned a pair – not sure why not! So when Blowfish reached out to me for a partnership, I was happily open to it! The brand itself gives off this California, care free, surfer vibe to me. That shows in their shoes too.

Blowfish was nice enough to send me a pair of adorable sandals. When I tell yall these are the most comfortable things I’ve put on, I am not exaggerating. They seriously are. Sometimes I feel like you get one or the other. You get cute or you get comfortable, but not always both in one shoe. These check all the boxes. I’ve got my eyes on some of their sneakers next!

I’m wearing the Ozone Sandal in Pewter Cosmic Metallic Faux Leather.  Added bonus?  This style is registered Vegan by the Vegan Society!