Favorite Workout Gear

It can be hard to find those squat proof pants let me tell ya, I know. The worst is seeing a fellow lady in your class or at the gym with those see through pants. You know the ones who look normal until you go to take a squat? We all have probably been a victim of the non squat proof pants. BUT since I’m a baller on a budget and I mean no one has time to buy $200 leggings, I went out looking for squat proof, flattering and affordable workout wear for ya. I mean basically I could live in workout gear if it was allowed at my day job. Catch me later for the day I can blog full time and literally wear my workout gear all day everyday.

You know I’m a firm believer of Old Navy. Don’t knock it till you try it. I am absolutely IN LOVE with their leggings. If you’ve been following along with me, I’ve touched on these recently, in this post. They literally have a style for everyone. Whether you like full length, 3/4 length, leggings or high rise, mid rise, low rise – they offer each of those in such a variety of colors and styles. My personal favorite is the 3/4 length high waist. The high waist is a must have. I just feel like it holds you in and looks great on everyone. Especially if you like to sport your matching crop top – high waist is a must have. No one needs to see your belly button. The 3/4 length is perfect for me because ya girl has short legs. It is more flattering for me to have an inch or so of ankle showing between where my leggings end and where my shoes are.

I have been loving the newer brand that Target has, Joy Lab also. I love the unique prints they offer and totally dig the matching top and pants sets. These are also a super great brand in leggings, but are only going to come in mid rise – which sometimes I am not for.

As far as tops and sports bras go, I typically have some wiggle room on those. I can purchase those from a lot of different places. Still loving Old Navy for them, but also love Forever 21, Target and a huge TJ Maxx fan. I have noticed that I like the overall fit of F21 brand sports bras and they last me awhile. Sometimes I feel like cheaper sports bras have the tendency of losing their stretch in the bottom band. I have not noticed this with F21 sports bras.

So I will be honest. I am a Nike shoe girl through and through when it comes to what I work out in. I can say, with absolute honestly that I have only ever worked out in Nike shoes. I currently have about 5 pairs I think in my closet. Naturally, the shoes I will recommend in this post will be Nike. Partially because I’m partial to them, but also just because I cannot give you any advice on working out in anything else. I can be your Nike girl any time. They just work for me and I love the different style and color options – they are almost endless.

I’ve included these resistance bands that I love from Amazon, because well we are in the workout discussion. These are perfect to take to the gym – I notice a lot of gyms don’t have these – or to get in an easy at home workout, AND you can take them with you on vacay – if you’re like me and crazy you don’t miss a workout even on vacation…..