: What? Why? How?

You asked and I (finally) answered. I am sharing everything about the platform So so many of you don’t use it out of the fact that you have no idea what it is. Well I am here to hopefully clear this up for you.

Think about the time when you saw someone wearing something you loved. Or when you saw a photo with a pillow you just loved and wanted. What would you do? Go to Google and search to the end of the Internet until you (rarely) found it. Like to Know It literally saves you from this. With the FREE app, you will have access to that dress or favorite pillow without the hassle of any searching. Boom.

Sign up for free here :

That is it. Seriously. After signing up, anytime you “like” a photo on Instagram with the #liketkit hashtag, you will immediately – usually within a few mins – get a email to your Inbox (the one you used to sign up with) that includes ALL of the details from the photo. Makes shopping easy peasy right? This is the way you can use the platform without having to download the app. Hey, I totally get not wanting to add another app to your phone. Honestly though by the end of this post, I have a feeling you’ll be downloading the app anyways…

Inside the email, you’ll see the exact photo you “liked”. Included will also be anything I’ve tagged – so think clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, tanner, couch, prints, you get the picture. Click anything and it takes you directly to where I purchased it – or at least a place you can purchase it online! Seriously I told you, so easy.

If downloading the app is not your thing, you can shop this way or on your desktop, by visiting my page –

Just download the app. Just do it. Once you download the free app, either log in if you already signed up or sign up. From there, first things first, make sure you are following me – search my Instagram handle, justchelseajayne. Follow any of your favorite bloggers this way, given they are working with LTK. Within the app, you will have several different ways you can use it.

Your home feed will show those that you follow. You can scroll through this just like you would on Instagram. Click a photo, it takes you directly to where you can shop any tags for the photo. Click what you want and it takes you right to the website. If it is an item from a site that you have an app already downloaded for, like Amazon, it will actually open up the Amazon app, instead of browser. —>This is no good for me, but I will touch on that a bit further down in the post. The home tab is great because we all love to hate Instagram’s algorithm sometimes. I know it, sometimes you just don’t see posts. With the home feed, you will see anything that anyone you follow has posted.

Next is your “My Likes” tab. This is where any photo you screenshot on Instagram, that was tagged with #liketkit will pop up. Again so easy! You like a photo on Instagram, head over to your LTK app to instantly shop it.

Another cool feature is the Wish List section. Click the heart or wishlist button on any tagged item and instantly save it to your wish list for easy access. Not ready to buy but don’t want to forget where to find the item? This is perfect for you less impulsive shoppers then.

Under the “discover” tab, you’ll notice it works similar to Instagram’s discover feature. It shows you accounts or photos that align with what you like already and who you follow. Easily locate new influencers to follow under this tab. This is also where you will search for an influencer, by simply typing in their handle. You are also able to view certain categories here – like photos tagged with a sale alert, or search home or under $100. A recent feature added to this tab was the option to search for products. Whoa I know, I was blown away with this feature too. This is much better than that search on Google. Search for anything here – booties, bracelet, anything. It will bring up photos that have been tagged with items aligned with your search. This is going to pull up those accounts you don’t follow.

Okay so now you understand what it is and how to use it. NOW onto the reason I push you to use it and how it helps me for you to use it. Like To Know It is a platform that has to be applied for. You cannot automatically sign up as a blogger or influencer. In order to get approved, you have to have an authentic following (# count is not a huge factor), consistent posting, quality photos and a website. Thankfully, I was approved my first go around. I made a huge point to work on my page consistently before applying when I was not ready.

Ever wonder how bloggers blog full time? Well this is one way they make income. As a blogger we spend a lot of time (and money) purchasing things to review, snap photos in, style for you. We create this content for you, for the most part, for free. When you purchase from something I linked with LTK, I make a small commission. The commission varies depending on the advertiser and the amount it costs. But to be honest, you know I’m frugal with what I buy and I’m not showing you $300 dresses – so when I say small commission, I literally mean small. Not all advertisers are associated or “linkable” with LTK – in that case an item may not be linked or a similar item might be. By simply using LTK to purchase anything you like that I have linked, is your way to help and support me as an influencer and continue to provide you the free content.

Now onto what I mentioned earlier regarding it opening an item in an app. This is no good for me because I do not get credit. There is no way to track that you purchased the item once it opens within an app. So if that does happen, please just take a sec to open it in Safari and complete your purchase that way.

You see an item is in store? Great for you, not so much for me. Do in store pickup and I will still get credit.

Not only does using Like to Know It help me earn a little commission, but it helps me track what you guys like seeing versus what you don’t care about. If you all are purchasing the $20 sneakers I linked, then I will know I need to provide you with more $20 sneaker options in the future. It will also help me when it comes to working with other brands. Let’s take Forever 21 – a dream account I would love love to partner with. A lot of stuff I purchase is from F21. When you guys purchase from my link, I will have proof in the numbers (one day) for F21 to partner with me. My followers buy it, so it only makes sense.

As always, you can shop right here on my blog, from the “Shop My Instagram” tab, if you are still not wanting to download the app.

Your support means everything to me! Leave me a comment here and/or my most recent Instagram post to let me know you downloaded and followed me! I truly hope this clears up all of your questions about Like To Know It. Now I expect to see you all joining and following me right?

Insider Tip : I post exclusive content on the LTKit app, stuff you won’t find on Instagram. SOOO another reason you really wanna just download the damn app guys.