My Bachelor Experience

So here we go, again. Or I guess I’m thrilled we are at the end of it all. The Bachelor drama.

Recently I had a friend – huge Bachelor lover – reach out to me asking me where she could find my blog post from my Bachelor experience. If you were following me a few years ago, you probably remember this. Since then though, you probably also know I revamped and relaunched my site, removing all old posts – including that one. I figured I would give the people what they want. Here we go again yall, read on for my experience ALMOST making it on the ABC hit show, The Bachelor.

It was summer of 2016. Gosh it really was that long ago. I will admit I was, like most of you, a huge bachelor fan. While I had a few relationships over the years, I would consistently have friends telling me to audition. In case you don’t know, typically the audition process is a lot of work. You need to submit a video and I just was not about that. I was also young and silly. Then, ABC casting announces they are holding a casting in Charleston at Stars, downtown. I jokingly mentioned I might have to go. My roommate at the time Kate, submitted a short application for me online, basically nominating me. Well they called…I am thinking it is because they knew they had an upcoming casting in Charleston.

I chatted with one of the ladies on the casting team. I was sent the long application. This was nice because day of casting, I didn’t have to sit at the table and come up with all the answers. I put on my cutest outfit and went to Stars. Once arriving, thankfully since I had spoken to an agent already, I didn’t have to wait in the “big” line. I felt like I had already made it yall. HA. The wine was flowing, which thank goodness cause we all need some liquid courage right?

I got taken to the back. Weird it was a space I never even knew Stars had? I had to wait a bit because they wanted me to be interviewed by one of the main casting agents. This was because we had already chatted over the phone, I was considered a name now, rather than another number in the hundreds they saw that day. I was feeling cute and bubbly, thanks to the bubbly and sat down to chat. It was a video interview, her asking questions and me answering. It lasted about 10-12 minutes I would say. Easy peasy, except those questions when they really get to the nitty gritty of your personal life. #NOTHANKS

Going into this casting, I said I had nothing to lose. I didn’t have to go far and I had nothing to do that Saturday anyways.

Once we got done chatting, she made me wait. This is where I started getting nervous. Like wait a minute, I didn’t see anyone else waiting..

So let me preface. My friend Kristen is the literal Bachelor freak, in a good way. She is a know it all and should start a blog about it, no joke. She’s watched them all, read all the books about it – you name it, she’s probably done it. She was super excited to hear I was going. Leading up, since I didn’t know what to expect, she gave me a little insider information. Now we didn’t know whether this was how it always works, but it was the best bit of information we had to go off, so I had some sort of idea of what was going to happen that day. One thing she mentioned was the opportunity at a casting to be automatically pushed through to the next round, with no additional waiting. You knew you were getting pushed through if that large manila envelope came out.

Next thing I got was the large manila envelope. She told me to take it and someone else would explain what it was. I was then lead out of the interview room, to the downstairs of Stars. (This was all taking place on the second floor – if you are familiar with Stars) Once there, another casting agent came down. She quickly chatted that they liked me and wanted to go ahead and give me paperwork for the next phase. Yall, I am not lying when I tell you I did not take this seriously at first. You’ll get more on that later on. This paperwork was thick. I can’t remember how many pages it was but if I could guess, it was like 30+. It included all types of stuff – personal things, who my roommates were for the last 5 years, relationships, jobs – you name it, it was there. I was also prompted that because CHS was one of their last casting calls, this paperwork needed to be completed and FEDEXed to them within a few days. She then took me outside on King Street to take some more photos for her to attach with my file. I don’t even want to see those photos.

So you probably know you aren’t supposed to tell anyone. They want it to be a complete surprise. I mean that’s what makes it fun. So now I was prompted not to share anything with anyone. Still at this point, I was not thinking anything about it all. I completed the paperwork and got it ready to go. Once I sent the paperwork, I was also required to send over more photos. Photos of just me, things I enjoyed doing, work life – really whatever would encompass my life. So I had my sister come and take some photos of me outside my apartment. I’m sharing those for you guys below, because I want you to see just how real, natural and easy I was throughout the entire process, photos included.

A few of the photos I submitted – seriously we went outside and boom :

I crack myself up now looking at myself in a swimsuit, miller lite in hand, next to a John boat. I mean come on?

This all went pretty quickly. After that, it was a waiting game. I kept waiting and waiting, to the point where I just assumed I hadn’t made it any farther. One Friday afternoon, I was literally sitting on the couch after work. I get a call from a CA number. Boom yall, I was going to LA for the final round. No words, except I just wanted to tell everyone. Which we know I couldn’t. They fly you out to Los Angeles for the final round. It is over a process of a week, where you only stay about 48 hours, if that. You are shipped in and out so quickly, so they have enough time to get everyone through. I did make a point to ask, how many of us are coming out? She told me anywhere from 50-80 girls – OUT OF ALL THE GIRLS THEY INTERVIEWED. They picked me from Orangeburg.

I flew out of Sunday, August 7 and flew home on Tuesday, August 9. When arriving to LA, I was assigned a handler. This person was my go to for anything – I could not leave my room unless it was with my handler. They did everything at the hotel across from the airport. It was super convenient because we were to take the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Cool fact : looking back I now remember being on the shuttle with Corinne, the crazy blonde. I just remember this chick being in a dress and stilettos that looked like she was headed to the club, at 2PM in the afternoon. We were not supposed to be on the same shuttle, but shit happens. They quickly separated us once we arrived to the hotel.

Paperwork and more paperwork. During the quick time you are in LA is when you do everything as if you are already cast. I had to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, take a drug test, take a pregnancy test, answer more questions. The fun part was the interview. It was set up as you see it on the show. So cool. I got dressed up and went in. I interviewed with one person again, little to my knowledge – the full casting crew was waiting in the next room, watching me on camera.

Back when I interview in CHS, being a clogger was super intriguing to them. So they made sure to ask me to bring my clogging shoes to LA. And so yeah, I took them to the interview with me. And yeah, they put on some music and asked me to clog in my mini dress.

To recap, I did an on camera interview, like a one on one. Then go into a separate room, where that was being watched, with the full casting crew. All in all I probably interviewed on camera for 15 minutes and then another 15-20 minutes with the crew. The questions are sorta a blur now. Relationship questions, family questions, all of it. One I do remember, are you ready and able to leave your life for weeks to be on the show? I had also been liquored up with wine again, TG, but I said very matter of fact like, “well if I had time to get my shit together, I could do anything”. I was then told well I better start to “get my shit together” when I get home and the interview was over.

I left feeling pretty pumped. I obviously had the pit in my stomach, like well maybe that comment didn’t mean I was making it (which we know now it didn’t). At the time, it felt pretty damn close.

The week the Bachelor, Nick, was announced I got the call. It was again a Friday. Thankfully I was out at happy hour and already had wine in tow. I got some crap on, I’m assuming you saw we decided to go a completely different way for the Bachelor, so at this point we think there are some better matches for Nick and you didn’t make it. I will admit I was disappointed. I wasn’t a fan of Nick, but I can 100% say I would have gone anyways for the opportunities and experience I would have gained. Who wouldn’t?

All in all the experience was one I have enjoyed sharing because I think it is pretty awesome, even though I did not make it. Seeing where I am at now in my life, I can see there was a much different plan in store for me.

Do you have questions for me I didn’t cover? I’d love to share with you guys anything I can. Leave a comment!!

What I wore for interviews while in LA.