Turn That Blank Wall Into Something Cool

I love home decor. I mean really love it. I’m one of those that could browse in Home Goods or TJMaxx for hours through their home decor section. It truly is a problem. And the throw pillow section. I mean don’t even ask me why I need so many throw pillows. It just sucks you in!

Scott and I recently moved. Well when I say recent, it happened in February, but hey still recent right? We moved to Mount Pleasant from downtown. I loved our downtown spot. It was brand new – something about knowing you’re the first to sit on the toilet when renting somewhere right? It was super updated, modern and just a great space. Our new place in Mount Pleasant has a completely different feel. I knew when we moved that I wanted to switch things up when it came to our decor.

If you ever saw our last place, it was pretty “rustic chic” – or at least that is the term I would give it. I joke when talking about it because somehow I adopted this home decor style without ever really realizing it or thinking about whether I even truly like it. Hey, don’t get me wrong it is a popular style and it works for some. I didn’t hate it, just realized that my it is not my style at all. Needless to say, I was super excited to switch things up in our new place. I finally wanted it to feel like Scott & I.

One of the most fun areas to create and one of my favorites in the house is this little nook in our “dining area”. Dining area is putting a large term on a very small space. My kitchen table seats four, and that isn’t even comfortably. It is just a small space. Back in 2015 I went thrift store shopping for all my furniture. I didn’t have a dresser or end tables or anything. (College living was in those furnished student housing places) I got super lucky and got a headboard, two end tables, dresser and kitchen table for dirt cheap. I am still using all of these pieces to this day! The dresser however, was no longer going to fit in our bedroom, due to the layout. BUT it fit perfectly into this area in our dining nook! So I turned it into a buffet – I think that’s the proper term.

It has been white for many years. In that rustic phase, I painted it white and distressed it. I decided I wanted it green. Now if you’ve ever picked out paint colors, you know it can be horrific. I mean truly it can suck. I knew the green I wanted – that deep/emerald/green shade. I can’t tell you how many paint cans we got mixed and how many times I painted that damn thing, only to still not be 100% happy with the color. It’s a pretty green now and definitely works, just ultimately wasn’t what I was looking for.

I knew the look I was going for with this area, but it was much harder to accomplish. I wanted a wall filled with art. Eclectic prints, sayings, different shapes, sizes and materials.

Tip #1 – Measure your space out before you go ham on the shopping. I put up our lamps, because you want it to sort of fit behind/in between. Then measure how wide of a space you have – you don’t want to go longer than the piece of furniture you are putting it above. Measure how tall you want it to go. Not too tall that you have to look up (unless you are doing your entire wall of course), but tall enough to be a statement.

Tip #2 – Pick one piece you love and build from there. For us, it was the lip print. We were randomly on one of those hours of browsing at Home Goods and found it. Scott & I both knew right away we loved it and had to include it. Since it was a bit of a larger piece, it really worked to build around this.

If you like the lips, I’ve linked a few similar that are cool as well below – since my exact one cannot be shopped online.

Tip #3 – Think outside the box! I found a lot of the sayings and black/white prints on Etsy. Super cheap to purchase, they send you multiple sizes, send it over to Staples to get printed. I would suggest waiting to get anything printed if that is the route you choose because you will want to be sure you choose the correct sizes for the space!

Tip #4 – Don’t overthink it. Plan to stick with all the same frames for a super clean look, if that is your home decor style. Or as I did, I grabbed frames I just liked, without thinking oh do they all “match”. I can assure you so so many times things turn out looking bomb when you don’t try to match everything.

Tip #5 – The one tip you want to take away from this post. In a large space on your floor, measure out the space you intend to use on the wall. You will start placing out your pieces that are going on your wall. Get it laid out how you like it. Then you will use tissue paper, wrapping paper, newspaper – anything works – to cut out pieces that are the same size as each print. You will then use the cut outs to nail on the wall first – GENIUS! Seriously guys this is genius. No more placing holes all over your wall to get everything measure out right.

I wish I had taken a picture for yall when I did this but I didn’t think about it until after of course.

Maybe I’ll make this a series or something to go through different areas and rooms in our place, or maybe not. I guess you’ll have to wait that one out.